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Wheatbelt's Gross Value - 2006

The North Eastern Wheatbelt Regional Organisation of Councils (NEWROC) is a voluntary regional organisation. The NEWROC region consisting of the Shires of Koorda, Mount Marshall, Mukinbudin, Nungarin, Trayning and Wyalkatchem is located in the north-east of the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.

The NEWROC region has a population of close to 2,500. Broadacre agriculture is the primary economic activity in the NEWROC region, contributing 11% to the Wheatbelt’s total gross value in 2006. Public administration and safety, Health care and social assistance, and Education and training are amongst the NEWROC region’s highest employment sectors contributing to the region’s economic activity and serving the needs of the residential population.

The NEWROC’s moderate distance away from Perth and other regional centres makes it a great place to live, work and invest. Vibrant, connected and safe communities make the townsites a fabulous place to create a home and lifestyle for you and your family.

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Mukinbudin Sunset
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Koorda Show
Mukinbudin Seeding
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Nungarin Wildflowers
Mukinbudin Road Sign
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Wyalkatchem Mural
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Trayning Entrance
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Nungarin Mangowine
Wyalkatchem Pioneer Park
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Mukinbudin Landscape