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Central East Sub-Regional Economic Strategy

  • Uploaded on: 01 April 2015
  • The Central East Sub-region represents the heart of dryland broadacre grain production in the Wheatbelt.
    Home to 10,345 people in 2011, the Central East is the largest sub-region in the Wheatbelt by land area. Its
    population is primarily concentrated in the major townships of Merredin, Southern Cross and Kellerberrin,
    which act as service centres for the Sub-regional economy. The key findings of this Strategy, developed
    collaboratively by RPS and the Wheatbelt Development Commission and in consultation with the Central
    East Shires, are outlined on the following page.

    The core competitiveness and strengths of the Central East economy in agriculture and food production have
    been increasingly complemented in recent years by emerging mining and support services sectors. This
    increase in economic diversity and dynamism, and the Sub-region’s strategic location adjacent the Goldfields
    region, present considerable opportunities for major growth in local economic activity and prosperity.

    This Sub-regional Economic Strategy for the Central East provides economic analysis and evidence based
    guidance to assist in investment and decision making. It can therefore make a major contribution to subregional
    and whole-of-region planning. This Strategy also establishes a framework for the promotion and
    facilitation of economic and population growth across all Local Government Authorities (LGAs) of the Central

Central East Sub-Regional Economic Strategy